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Were you born in an Arabic speaking country and now live in the United States? If yes, you will need to have your birth certificate translated into English. Fortunately, Docsbase USA in New York specializes in Arabic to English and English to Arabic translations. Furthermore, our most common translations are vital documents, things like birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates. These are extremely important documents that are often requested by local, state, and national governments in order to comply with the various bureaucratic processes. Because they are virtually always used in an official capacity, translations must be certified and cannot carried out by yourself or amateurs. We at DocsBase certify every single one of our translations by notary and can accommodate most other special requests for certification.


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Certified Arabic Translations in New York

Why choose DocsBase for your Arabic to English translations? We have years of experience translating a wide range of documents to and from Arabic. Our team of in-house translators is comfortable translating anything and everything. And because our translators have areas of expertise, we are confident that the correct terminology will always be used. We are particularly prepared to translate vital documents as they are constantly requested by our clients.

Certification and Legalization with DocsBase

As our standard service, DocsBase Inc offers certification by notary for every translation. If you require any other specific certification requests, we are happy to comply. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that every translation, in addition to being accompanied by the original, be attached to a letter from the translator. This letter should attest to the translator’s abilities in both target and source language, as well as confirming the accuracy of the translation. DocsBase can provide this letter from the translator so that you will not have to worry about your translation being denied by the USCIS.

DocsBase also has a legalization team in New York. This is for any documents issued in the United States with intended use abroad. For example, if you have a birth certificate that you will be submitting in Egypt, we can help you get an Apostille for not only the original document, but also the translation. We can also translate the Apostille if necessary. If you have a document that you intend to use in a country that is not part of The Hague Convention, Algeria for example, we will have to authenticate the document via Consular Legalization. This is a slightly more difficult process, but one we are comfortable doing.

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