Translation of personal documents in NYC

Professional translators are usually called upon to translate personal documents such as marriage, divorce, birth and death certificates, as well as, educational and financial documents. If a document has been issued in any language other than English, it will require translation to be used in the USA and in NYC in particular.

It is also required that translations which are done for official reasons, e.g. for visa applications, for citizenship (USCIS) should be performed by a professional linguist and should be certified.


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If you are in a need of obtaining certified translations for your personal documents, it is important to find out what is required. Does a translator have to provide an affidavit or will a stamp and signature be enough? Do you have to bring original personal documents or will a copy suffice? Usually, professional translators are skilled and experienced enough to explain to you what might be needed to prepare and certify your documents for an authority you will submit them to.

Many people are concerned about the security of their valuable documents once submitted to a translator. A scanned copy or photo-copy is usually enough to prepare the translation. If, at some point a linguist has to see the original document, it could be done at a pick-up when translation works are done.

Of course, the photocopy has to be of a decent quality so that dates, fine print and any other particulars of a document are visible and legible. If translation is done from a language which does not use Latin alphabet characters, e.g. Russian, Chinese, Arabic, checking the spelling is mandatory to ensure consistency between translation and other personal documents.

Professional experienced linguists of DocsBase Inc., located in NYC, would be glad to assist you with translation of your personal documents for official use anywhere in the USA or abroad. Our in-house language team works with 140 languages and is here to help you 24/7. Please feel free contacting us at your convenience.

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