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Do you live in Staten Island and need a translation service? Use DocsBase Translations and Legalization Services, a uniquely affordable New York agency! We translate to and from European, Asian, African and Oceanian languages, for any document type you may need. Our professional, certified, and bilingual translators always accurately transfer the original meaning of the text and use the most apt and context-specific terminology. Contact DocsBase by phone or email for a quote on your translation!

Why use a translation agency like DocsBase Inc.

There are many reasons to need a certified document translation. You may have relocated, need to apply for a visa, or are seeking to expand your business internationally. Website translations and localizations are extremely popular nowadays, due to the boom of the Internet Economy. Don’t make the outcome of your business, or visa application, depend on a mediocre free internet translation software! Immigration offices will not accept non-certified translations, and a document full of mistakes will look unprofessional to potential business partners. DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services will provide you with a precise translation that will allow you to succeed in all your ventures!


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Here is a list of the most common types of translations we provide:

Apostille Services for Staten Island

If your document is intended for international use, it will probably require an Apostille (a certificate of authentication). Acquiring one is a time-consuming process, and you’d have to take the ferry all the way out to the New York Department of State. Instead, why not use DocsBase’s easy and affordable Apostille services? We will go through all the bureaucracy for you, and you won’t even need to step out the door.

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