Certified Translations for Boston

Certified Translations for Boston

DocsBase Translations and Legalization Services offers high quality and affordable translations for businesses and individuals in Boston. We have years of international experience and offices all over the world—New York, Dublin, Toronto and Berlin to name a few. We translate for a number of different document types and for hundreds of different languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew and dozens of African and Oceanian languages. We are easy to contact by phone or email and all our services can be provided remotely.

DocsBase: the translation agency for Boston

Home to high profile universities and businesses, Boston is a hub for international students, investors and travelers. Only the best translations are suitable in such a highly competitive world. DocsBase’s certified translators are highly trained and only use the most apt terminology for the document type. Whether it’s an academic paper or a legal contract, we will only hire the most specialized person to do the translation. One small error costs a lot, especially when it comes to immigration, financial agreements or medical records. DocsBase Translations and Legalization Services not only hires the most qualified translators, but also proofreaders and editors who make sure the translation is faithful and accurate.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Here is a list of the most common types of translations we provide:

Apostille Services for Boston

If you want to use a document from one country in another for an official capacity, be it for immigration or professional purposes, you will need to obtain an Apostille. This is a ‘certificate of authentication’ allows the document to be used abroad: otherwise, it is considered invalid. This requires going to the embassy of that country or to the Massachusetts Department of State.

Instead of this time-consuming process, allow DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services to obtain the Apostille for you! Don’t waste time, call DocsBase and get your documents legalized as efficiently as possible!

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