Certified Medical Translations in NYC

Certified Medical Translations Here in New York

A medical translation involves an enormous amount of responsibility: if your health depends on it, don’t leave it to amateurs. DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services has years of expertise in the field of medical translation in New York. Not only are our medical translators bilingual, professional, and certified, but they are also highly trained in the specific field of medicine they are translating for, be it for general practice, psychiatry, gynecology, pharmacology, and much more. DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services can translate your medical documents to or from any one of the hundreds of European, Asian, African and Oceanian languages we offer. If there’s a research study on an obscure research specialization in Chinese, we will find the most capable person to translate it. We provide our services both to individuals and a variety of pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research companies.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Types of medical documents we translate at DocsBase Inc.

It can be for your health advisor in New York; it can be for research purposes. If you need a translated medical document, DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services has a wide variety of different types. Here are a few; contact us by phone or email for more:

DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services in New York City

If you need to legalize your medical translation for use in an official context, DocsBase can do the job for you. Contact DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services by phone or email for more information on our legalization services. Also look into our localization services if you need to have medical research material, newsletters or websites adapted to a specific country. Our translation services are not limited to medical documents, so we can help with any marketing, financial, or technical translation needs—all with different specialized staff of course.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any of your queries; contact us for a free quote!

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