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Security and confidentiality

Our Company has developed internal quality control procedures based on the bespoke QC system used by our Swiss offices. We have applied same throughout all of our offices thus ensuring that we can guarantee the best service to our Clients. To ensure the utmost security and confidentiality we have the following measures in place:

We can send data via any method as requested by our clients. The use of secure web portals, email, fax, FTP folders, secure encryption and password protection ensure all of our clients data is securely transferred at all times.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

We understand that any information obtained during our work will remain strictly confidential and will not be provided to any third party. All information given to us for any project is always regarded and treated as confidential. All of our translation project managers, external and internal linguists, and proof-readers have signed our Confidentiality Agreements.

We have a reliable backup system which backs up data on a daily basis and we regularly update our virus protection in line with progress in technologies.

We utilize encryption software. Our software produces not just an “encrypted file”; its files are containers that may contain thousands of files and folders. Sometimes you might want to decrypt a few files only, or just peek inside. Our encryption browser is an Explorer-like tool, which lets us easily browse or modify a file container and view the files it contains. Nobody encrypts useless data, and our software makes every possible effort to ensure the important user files are safe. Even if the computer crashes in the middle of encryption step, no data will be lost. To make encryption even more reliable, our software performs a verification step after every operation to guarantee that the just created encrypted container can be successfully decrypted. Strong encryption is the only way to secure data, and this is exactly what our software provides.

Within our organization the only sites which can be accessed are government sites, sites pertaining to the translation and localization disciplines and our own sites.

This attitude towards internet usage ensures a number of elements are adhered to. Full security and absolutely no risk of hacking or viruses – only sites we want to access can be accessed. Assurance that only works related content gets accessed during project life cycles. No visibility of browser updates and software patch upgrades which may cause serious issues with the manner in which projects are delivered.

Each member of our team is encouraged to keep their computer and its hardware in good order and the data regularly backed up using a backup recording schedule which is stored on the shared network access drive.

External hard drive backups occur once a week and are rotated every month as a precautionary measure in case any projects, translation memories or correspondence are lost due to system failures. These are stored under lock and key.

In the event of complete loss of systems, data and information management infrastructure (networks, servers and remote access capabilities), we have in place a failsafe process born of removing data backup from site regularly (every day) and having access to a skeleton hardware resource. All phone communications will be routed through to all major bodies' mobile phones. This will leave us capable of temporarily accommodating project work and enable the expected delivery of projects in a timely manner.

The man power put in place to ensure this happens as it should, is a technical team of individuals with a wealth of experience in network setups, software support and systems integration.



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