Qualities to look for in a professional translator at NYC

It is quite obvious that a translator has to master a diverse skill set to assist a client by conveying a message from one language to another without omissions or alterations.

Good translators, who work with a variety of documents and texts every day, usually are able to transmit slang and idioms as well as abbreviations and specific terms carefully to the target language. If you are looking for professional translator in NYC, these are the attributes to look for:

- Extensive and continuous training and desire to master the language he or she works with. Not only should such translators have diplomas and degrees from the most prestigious linguistic Universities but they should also improve their skills every day by participating in professional training programs and conferences.


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- Familiarity and, preferably, full native aptitude of communication in target and source languages. It is essential that the translator is capable of working with the language pair freely and competently.

- Be a subject matter expert in a field he or she works in. As we have mentioned, simply being bi-lingual is not enough to qualify as a professional translator. One has to be fully aware of terminology, abbreviations, acronyms and professional lexicon of the industry the translation is being done for. Quite often, professional linguistic teams in NYC also work with subject matter consultants who may check and proofread documents prior to submitting them to clients.

Certified translation services in NYC

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