Need a New York Power of Attorney for International Use?

New York Issued Power of Attorney

DocsBase Inc. Translation and Legalization Services can help prepare and legalize a Power of Attorney for use in whatever country you need it. Power of Attorney documents are extremely important and, depending on the country, require certain procedures to make them legal. At DocsBase, we have years of experience translating and legalizing them for use abroad. If you are located here in New York, we can handle everything so you never have to leave the country. We can do this because of our large presence internationally with offices across North America and Europe.

Importance of Power of Attorney Documents in New York and Abroad

If you sign a Power of Attorney document, you are authorizing a person to act on your behalf, which grants them the authority to make important decisions. You are known as the “grantor” because you are the person granting such power to a lawyer or “agent.” Why is this done? It is most often done so that you do not have to be physically present during transactions. These transactions can involve private, business, or legal matters.


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A Power of Attorney might pertain to you if any of the following happens outside of the United States: Own property, conduct business, receive vital mail, have a bank account, file taxes, and more. This is not a comprehensive list as reasons to use a Power of Attorney are dependent on the individual case.

Translation and Authentication of Power of Attorney Document Here in New York

To use a Power of Attorney abroad it must be in the official language of the country and it must be legalized in order to be accepted as official. It must also be localized to the specific country. This means that there might be laws or specific language required for Power of Attorney documents to be official. We usually have two options: we can draw up the Power of Attorney here in the US, translate it (if needed) and then legalize it abroad through use of an Apostille. Or, in many cases, you will already have a Power of Attorney form from the destination country (and will obviously not need translated), which we can fill out and get apostilled. Because we are an international agency, for certain countries there exists a third option; we can issue a Power of Attorney in the destination country through one of our offices in Europe or Canada. This will allow us to go through the exact procedures as indicated by the legal system of the destination country.

DocsBase Inc. in New York and Abroad

We are a multi-faceted agency that can help you in all aspects of your Power of Attorney needs, from translation to legalization. Remember, we also have offices in Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Russia. Visit our website to get a free quote.



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