US Issued Document Legalization for the U.K

Based in New York but need to use a document in the U.K?

DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services is an experienced international agency that can legalize documents for use anywhere in the world. We are particularly effective when dealing with legalization services between the UK and the United States as we have offices in New York and London. We have in-house notaries in both offices and make regular trips to the Apostille issuing agencies.

From Transcripts to Birth Certs and More…Document Legalization in the US

The reasons for need a legalized document are varied. Here’s one example: Let’s say you’re going to grad school in the U.K. You’ll need to present your undergrad transcripts, and sometimes even proofs of identity such as birth certificates. However, none of your American documents are valid in a foreign country unless they have been legalized! If you want to use your U.S issued documents in the U.K, you will need to have them officially recognized by the U.K government by obtaining an Apostille from the U.K consulate. Rather than go all the way there yourself, just use DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services’ easy and affordable Apostille services. Just call or email us with a request, and we will get the Apostille for you. We’re based here in New York and have great relationships with the consulates. We are also just a few steps away from the Department of State.


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The kinds of documents you may need to legalize, for educational, legal or professional purposes, are:

DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services has experience in getting all these documents legalized, and much more.

DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services in New York and Abroad

With offices all over the world -New York, London, Dublin, Vienna and Berlin to name a few- DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services is the translation company with the most international experience. If you need your document legalized for countries other than the U.K, we are up to the task! Also, look into our localization services, for transferring website content from American into British English. Let DocsBase help you every step of the way!

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