New York - Legalization of U.S. Documents for Austria

Document Legalization in New York

If you want to use American documents in Austria in an official capacity, you will need to have them legalized. Documents from the U.S are not legally valid in Austria unless they have an Apostille stamp. This is a certificate of authentication which recognizes the notarial signature on the document. In order to obtain the Apostille, you would need to go all the way to the New York Department of State. If you’re already in Austria, you cannot get your document Apostilled at the embassy: it needs to be done in the U.S. What to do? Use DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services.

Our New York agency, which also has offices in Vienna, can perform remote services to ensure that your American document will be legalized by the Department of State here. For an affordable price, we will go there for you, and deliver your document with its Apostille back to you, whether you’re in the U.S. or in Austria. Our agency has people on the ground in both countries. Legalize your documents with DocsBase!


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Document Translation in New York

In addition to legalizing your U.S. document for use in Austria, you may need to translate it into English. Use our New York translation service! We have fully certified English to German translators who are native German speakers and experienced in translating the typess of documents that generally require an Apostille. Here is a list of them:

We also have specialists in IT, engineering, academic, literary, technical, medical and financial translations from English to German.

By using DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services, you can have your document translated and legalized, ready to be used for any of your future endeavors in Austria! Why use two different agencies for translation and legalization if DocsBase has the convenience of both? Call or email DocsBase for a quote on an English to German translation, done by highly qualified professionals, or to ask about our fast and easy Apostille services.

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