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Have you recently received a background check from the FBI? If you are submitting this document to a foreign government, you will often need to have legalized. What is legalization? It can mean one of two things: Apostille or Consular Legalization. DocsBase Inc. in New York City can assist you with both processes. We are an experienced translation and legalization agency with international locations throughout North America and Europe. We are very familiar with the legalization requirements set by the various governments throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

What exactly does legalization mean? It means that documents need to be verified as authentic so that they can be accepted by a foreign government. For very obvious reasons, a background check is very commonly requested to be authenticated. If you are applying for a student or work visa, or anything related to extended stays in a country, that country will most likely ask for a background check. Requesting an FBI background check can be time consuming including getting fingerprints taken to verify your identity. Once you get your background check, there are more steps for legalization.


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Apostille and Consular Legalization with DocsBase New York

Legalization by Apostille is a simpler process than consular legalization. Normally, Apostilles are handled by the department of state where the document was issued. Because a background check is a federal document, it can only be apostilled by the US Department of State. It can be done through the mail, but processing times often take up to 15 weeks. Don’t worry…DocsBase can get an apostille in a matter of days. How do we do this? We hand deliver it to the Department of State who can process is that day. It’s that easy!

Consular Legalization is slightly more complicated and there is no singular way to get it. It is determined by the country that is requesting the documents. Consular legalization is required by those states that are not signatories to The Hague Convention. If you are unsure whether you need an Apostille or Consular Legalization, ask us! We have been in this industry for many years and are very knowledgeable on the various requirements of many countries.

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