Document Legalization in the U.K for Residents of New York

Legalized Documents for Use Outside of the U.K

DocsBase Inc is an international agency specializing in Apostille and other Document Legalization services. With offices in major cities across North America and Europe, we provide services that most agencies cannot. One of these unique services is specifically designed for UK residents here in New York City

Getting an Apostille on a document issued in the UK for use in the US. If you’re in New York for personal or educational reasons, or even business, you probably need to present certain documents in an official capacity. The trouble is, foreign documents are not legally valid in the US unless they are authenticated by the U.K government. The U.K is a signatory of The Hague Convention which established the Apostille: an internationally recognized certificate of authentication which allows your document to be legally valid for U.K officials. To obtain an Apostille, you would have to journey to the appropriate office, wait in line, fill out forms: all in all, waste at least a day.


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Our Apostille Services in London

DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services can take the stress off your mind and get the Apostille stamp for you! We have offices in the London and are fully familiar with the U.K legal system. Our services are extremely affordable and we always make our deadlines, and make daily visits to consulates.

The most common types of documents DocsBase obtains Apostilles for are:

Document legalization Services in London, New York, and Elsewhere

With offices all over the world -New York, London, Dublin, Vienna and Berlin to name a few- DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services is the translation company with the most international experience. If you need a document legalization for use in a country that is not a signatory to The Hague Convention, we can also help. This means that an Apostille will not be enough, instead, a consular legalization is required. This is even more complicated than the Apostille process, but don’t worry! We are here to help.

Don’t forget we also specialize in the certified translations for use here in New York and abroad. We can provide you with a certified, fully accepted translation at an affordable price. Get a quote now!

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