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Get your US documents legalized for use in Canada with DocsBase

Do you have a United States issued document that you intend to use in Canada? If so, you will have to get that document authenticated before it can be considered valid for official use. DocsBase New York can authenticate your documents for the most affordable prices and the quickest completion times. Whether you are located in Canada, New York, or anywhere else, we guarantee a speedy, effective service. And that’s the best part of our service, you do not have to be there physically in-person to get a document authenticated. It is a simple process: First, you send us the document that needs the authentication. Then, we hand deliver either the New York Department of State or the US Department of State and get the authentication as a same day service. We then mail the authenticated document back to you. Because, we actually go to the DOS in person, we avoid the weeks of waiting time that it takes via the mail-in service.


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Why authenticate your Canadian documents with DocsBase Inc.

Canada is not part of the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents which had the aim of creating a uniform way to use documents abroad in an official capacity. This means that Canada still relies on Embassy Legalization to authenticate their documents, instead of using the Apostille system established by The Hague. Fortunately, between the US and Canada, the system is not much more difficult. However, it still means taking documents to either the state or national DOS. If your document was issued in the state of New York, we will hand deliver it to the NY DOS, which is just steps away from our downtown location. For national documents, we take it to the US DOS in Washington. For documents from other states, we work with our network of trusted partners to guarantee that your document is delivered in-person. It is the type of security you can trust when dealing with documents of the most important value.

Canadian Document Legalization with DocsBase Canada

Thanks to our many locations throughout Canada, we can offer the same service in reverse. If you have Canadian documents that need to be legalized for use in the United States or anywhere else, we can help get them authenticated. The process works in the exact same way: You send us your docs, we hand deliver them, and send them back to you. We can also prepare them in other way to meet the requirements of your destination country.

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