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If you were born, married, or spent a significant amount of time in Mexico, chances are you have a fair number of vital documents originated from there. If you now reside in the United States, you will need to have those vital documents translated. DocsBase Inc in New York is the leading Mexican vital documents translator in the city. We are experts in not only translations from Spanish to English, but also of translations from English to Spanish. We commonly translate birt, death, marriage, and divorce certificates, among other documents.


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The border between the United States and Mexico is one of the most frequently traversed borders in the world, both legally and illegally. As a result of this, there has risen a great demand for document translations…and not just any translations either. Requesting authorities almost always require certified translations by a reputable translation agency. In the case of the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS), they have their own requirements for a translation: it must be affixed with a letter from the translator attesting to their language skills and the accuracy of the translation. We guarantee are translations will be accepted wherever they are submitted. Simply notify us of where you will be submitting the documents and we will prepare the document to their requirements.

Mexican Vital Document Legalization with DocsBase New York

Not only will you need a certified translation, but you often must also have the document legalized. What does this mean? It means you have to verify the authenticity of the document. In the case of Mexico and the United States, since both countries are signatories to The Hague Convention, you need only to get an Apostille. Unfortunately, this is still a complicated, time-consuming process. Don’t worry…Docsbase can simplify it for you. We regularly obtain Apostilles for our clients, regardless of document type or language. Whether you want to use a Mexican document in the States or vice-versa, we can assist you.

Not sure what you need? Ask us! While we encourage our clients to find out as much information as they can from the requesting agency, we have a lot of experience and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Fill out our “get a quote form”, give us a call or stop in at our office today.

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