How to translate audio or video recordings?

When a need arises to translate a video or audio recording into English or any other language, a professional translator’s help may be required.

There are many common situations when translation of audio or video material is sought: it will be used in a Court, to create subtitles for a video recording and many others. Quite often, commercials or business training materials are translated into various languages in order to get access to a certain market or provide a training session for foreign office employees.


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Translation of audio or video materials always starts with the transcribing process: writing down speech and, sometimes, other sounds from the source file. If you are working with a professional translation team, you may expect to see the transcribing results prior to the translation processing. Having a chance to see and approve the source language text before it is translated may help avoid serious mistakes and delays when a translator has to listen over and re-translate the whole work or parts of it.

Lastly, the transcribed video or audio file is translated into English or any other required language. It is then proofread by another professional linguist right before presenting the result to a client. In the final stage the document is certified, if that is required, it is sealed and ready for official use anywhere in the USA or abroad.

If you are looking to translate video or audio files from or into English, DocsBase USA translation team located in NYC will gladly assist you. We work with 140 languages and prepare translations with official certifications for jurisdictions in USA, Canada and other countries. All of our linguists are native speakers of the target languages they work with and hold degrees and certifications from professional organizations such as ATA, ATIO, OTTIAQ, ITI, CTTIC.

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