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Are you looking to translate a Cuban document into English? Or vice-versa, do you need an English language document translated to Cuban Spanish? Either way, DocsBase in New York can help you out. We provide the highest quality Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations. The high demand for this language combination has led us to build a strong team of in-house native Spanish and English speakers. Among our staff are translators who specialize in Cuban Spanish. This includes vital documents, cultural materials, promotional content, marketing, legal, medical, financial, and more.

The rise in demand for Cuban translations with DocsBase

As the United States continues to ease restrictions on Cuban-American relations, market opportunities are opening up. There already exists a strong connection between the two countries as nearly 2 million people identify as Cuban Americans. For this reason alone, we have considerable experience translating Cuban vital documents. Now, we are seeing a rise in financial, cultural, and corporate translations. Whatever type of document you might have, we can provide an accurate, certified translation that is guaranteed to be accepted wherever you submit it. If you are submitting a document to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Servics (USCIS), please notify us beforehand. They have special requirements in which a letter from the translator must be affixed to the document. We can prepare your translation accordingly so that it is guaranteed to be accepted.


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Legalization of Documents for use in Cuba with DocsBase

If you are intending to use a document in an official capacity in Cuba, you must first get the document authenticated. Unfortunately, Cuba is not a signatory to the 1961 Hague Convention which abolished the need for legalization and created the Apostile system. This means that you will have to get your documents legalized in order for them to be accepted. Depending on who and where your document was issued, will determine how to legalize it. If it is a local or state document, it will need to be authenticated by the state DOS. If it is a federal document, it will need to be authenticated by the US DOS. The good news is that DocsBase can assist you in either case. We make daily visits to the NY DOS, as well as visits to the US DOS. Our in-person deliveries guarantee quicker turnover times since authentications can be issued immediately.

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