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Translation and Legalization Services in New York

DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services is proud to announce a new location: New York City. Our new home is the financial capital of the world and there are an estimated 800 languages spoken in the city. This gives us our second office in North America and our first in the United States. It also makes us one of the most international agencies in the industry with a physical presence in 8 countries. For Ireland residents, this means that you will get unparalleled service for translations, legalizations, and more between Ireland and the United States.

Certified Translations in US and Ireland

Do you have a document in Gaelic that needs translated for use in the United States? We can translate and certify it in New York City. Avoid high costs for post as well. If the final destination for your document is in the US, we can post it straight from our office. If your document is already in English, we can guarantee localization services through our staff and translators in the US. We cannot stress the importance of localization enough. If you are opening a website or business with the US audience in mind, it is imperative that the language be localized to the region. The US is a big country. This means that even within it, vocabulary and phrases can vary. Because our staff is from the US, they are familiar with every regional differences.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Document Legalization and Notary in New York

Ireland and the US have strong cultural connections and a history of immigration between both countries. The Irish expat community is one of the biggest in the US and thanks to a new a 2008 agreement it is getting even bigger. This agreement created a deal in which both governments would offer work visas for the other country’s residents. This has created a need for documents to be legalized for use in a foreign country.

Because both countries are signatories to The Hague Convention, only an Apostille is required for a document to be accepted. Getting an Apostille is a time-consuming process. We offer smooth and affordable Apostille services. We often apostille things like like birth/marriage/divorce certificates, criminal record/background checks, business contracts, medical documents, and more. We can help you legalize any type of document!

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