DocsBase Inc Provides Notary Service for use in England

DocsBase Inc Provides Notary Service for use in England

DocsBase Inc. Translation and Legalizations Services not only provides Apostille and legalization of documents for use in the United Kingdom, but also Public Notary services. How can we do this? We have offices all over Europe and, most importantly in this case, in London. Getting a document notarized in the UK is much different process than here in the United States and much more expensive. Continue reading below to better understand the notary process and how you can order one through DocsBase.

What is a Notary Public and What do you Need it For

In general, a Notary authenticates and certifies documents and signatures, administers oaths, and takes affidavits. For example, if you are giving your lawyer the power to act for you by means of a ‘power of attorney’ document, you must sign it in front of a notary who has verified your identity. Once the notary puts his signature and seal on the document it has officially been notarized and deemed true. Here are some documents that may need a notary: certification of copies of documents like passports or bank accounts, statuary declarations, transfer of land, marriage/divorce certificates, etc. Did you just buy land in England and need a document notarized? Are you working abroad? We can help you.


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Notary Public in the UK – DocsBase

Getting a document notarized in the UK is much harder and more expensive than in the US. Here, you can simply walk into a bank and a notary for free. Or you can walk into a UPS store and pay 2 dollars. According to New York Law, a Notary Public cannot charge more than 2 dollars for a notary! In the UK it is much different. In London, it can cost you up to 70 GBP to get a document notarized. This is because it is not as easy to become a Notary Public and their services are in high demand.

If you are based in the New York or anywhere else in the US and need a notary, it doesn’t make sense to fly all the way to England to do it yourself. You can get it done without leaving your home! Our London office gets documents notarized daily and we have discounts with the Notary Public because of our high volume orders. Let us do the work for you. Visit our website today to learn how we can assist you in getting your documents notarized.

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