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When documents are required for official use in a foreign country, the requesting agency will often only accept them if they are affixed with an Apostille. Often, they will also require that the Apostilles themselves be translated into the destination country’s official language(s). DocsBase Inc is an international translation and legalization agency that is very familiar with the various Apostille requirements country by country. We can translate Apostilles from and into any language you may need. We have years of experiencing not only translating Apostilles, but also getting them affixed to documents for official use. This means that DocsBase can handle all your Apostille services from start to finish under one roof.


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How document legalization with DocsBase works

The first thing we tell our clients to do is to find out as much information as they can from the agency requesting the documents. Even within the same country, government agencies have different requirements for accepting documents. In virtually all cases, you must submit the original document with a translation into the country’s official language if it is not already in that language. The original usually requires an Apostille and, often, the translation requires an Apostille as well. Sometimes, even the Apostilles need to be translated. Fortunately, DocsBase New York provides all of these services. The translation of an Apostille is a rather simple procedure. Because all Apostille documents are universal, and thanks to our countless years of experience in translation, we have templates for most languages. This means that we can complete a totally accurate translation in a very short period of time. We can do this at the lowest prices in the industry.

DocsBase provides the most comprehensive document legalization services in the US and abroad. We have offices across North America and Europe which means we are in a great position to provide Apostille services for the lowest prices. Since getting an Apostille requires your physical presence, having so many offices in different countries across the world gives us a major advantage. It allows us to carry out Apostille legalizations in a way that most agencies cannot. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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