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If you want to use a US issued document in a foreign country, in Ukraine for example, it is often required that the document be legalized in order for it to be accepted. This same legalization is required if you have a Ukrainian document that you would like to us here in the US. What exactly does this mean? DocsBase Inc, in New York, is the leading agency when it comes to translating and legalizing documents. We can help you figure out exactly what is needed for you documents to be accepted abroad or here in the states.


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Legalization of US documents for use Ukraine with Docsbase

If you have a document that was issued in the United States and intend to use it in Ukraine, it will have to be legalized. This means that you will have to prove the authenticity of the document in order for the requesting authorities to accept it. Because both the US and Ukraine are signatories to The Hague Convention, an Apostille is the required form of legalization. There are various procedures for getting an apostille depending on the type of document you have and where it was issued. If it is a state document, you will have to go through the state government authorities. If it is a federal document, like a background check for example, an Apostille can only be obtained through the federal government in Washington D.C. The process of getting an Apostille can be confusing. If you have a birth certificate that was issued in the city of New York, you will need a letter of exemplification. If you have a marriage certificate, you will need to request a certified copy. If you have want to get an apostille on a translation, you will have to make sure that the translation is notarized and that the notary is verified by the county clerk. It can be very confusing and time-consuming, but, don’t worry, we are professionals that can handle the process from start to finish.

Legalization of Ukrainian Documents and other services with DocsBase

If you have documents that were issued in Ukraine and need them for official use here in the States, we can also help you. The same process applies for Ukrainian issued documents as it does for US issued documents: in order to be accepted here, they usually require an Apostille. Don’t fly all the way to Ukraine, we have associates there that can get an apostille for you. Save time and money and let us do the hard work for you.

Docsbase Inc also offers certified translations for documents going from Ukrainian to English and vice-versa. Our company has many years of experience in Ukrainian translating and in-house translators native in the language. We commonly translate Apostilles as well, as their translation is often requested by local and federal governments.

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