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If you are looking for certified translation services in NYC, you are probably aware that such a translation has to satisfy a few essential requirements to be considered valid and be accepted by an official jurisdiction in the US or abroad.

The document has to be prepared accurately, mistake-free and be a word-by-word translation of the original text. It should be attached to a copy of the initial source document which must also be clearly legible.


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Apart from these requirements, a certified translation prepared for an official purpose has to have an affidavit from the translator who performed the job. An affidavit is a self-proclaimed declaration from the linguistic expert who worked with the text. Such a declaration has to contain the contact details of the translator, confirmation of his or her credentials, such as ID or certification number. An affidavit should also state that, according to the translator, the work has been done without any alterations, omissions or distortion of the initial meaning.

The certified translator signs and seals the affidavit with his or her seal or translation bureau seal. Such a document, if prepared right will be accepted by official jurisdictions, such as USCIS (translation for immigration).

Sometimes, translations done for foreign authorities require an additional certification from a Notary Public who, in turn, will attest to the validity of the translator’s signature with one more stamp. For example, translations for CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) or foreign Consulates usually have to be notarized.

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