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DocsBase Specialized Translation Agency in New York has many years of experience in translating websites for various international companies. Internet and ecommerce have given people all over the world the power to buy desired products and services from almost anywhere. Our company provides a professional website translation service for various industries and organizations.

Why use a translator?

Website localization involves several steps depending on the source and target languages and translation contents. Even the same language might need localization from one dialect or location to another. For example, American English to British English can even require localized marketing and PR translations, to adjust any advertising content that may need tweaking for differences in audience receptiveness and cultural differences.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

More issues arise in the cases with languages with a non-Latin alphabet (such as Russian) or any kind IT localization – this becomes more complex process. We specialize in many languages with different alphabets, so we can cope with complex localization projects. This is particularly important in areas such as video game localization and software localization.

Our promise a full range website localization services in New York, such as:

  • Content translation. Translation of the main visible website contents;
  • Website localization. Translation of underlying modules and of text seen by the website visitors as the result of website navigation, e.g. incorrect password, filling out the forms, sending messages, etc;
  • Website optimization for potential visitors. Simple example: in some languages “translation companies” are called “translation bureaus”, and will be translated accordingly so they can be easily found through the search engines. Special attention is paid these linguistic nuances when translating and localizing the websites;
  • Building the website. Putting the translated text into the html pages and other website elements;
  • Website testing. Testing the operation of the translated and localized website.

As well as the following localization services:

  • E-learning documentation translation and localization
  • E-commerce localization
  • Video game localization
  • Software app localization
  • Graphic user interface localization
  • Subtitling localization
  • Commercial broadcast translation and localization

Please feel free to contact our New York translation office for any clarifications you might need on website translation and localization.

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