United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Translations in New York

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Are you applying for a visa, green card, naturalization, or any other path to citizenship? You will have to go through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or the USCIS as it is commonly referred to. The USCIS requires that anything not in English be submitted with an English translation by a qualified translator. If you have birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificate from a non-English speaking country, it will have to be translated to English. Even if it is from a foreign English-speaking country, it will often times need an apostille or consular legalization to be accepted. We at DocsBase can translate and prepare any document in the required by the USCIS.


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Translations for The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in New York

The USCIS building located in downtown New York is an imposing, well-guarded structure. It is representative of the heightened security and added bureaucratic steps that have been become part of the US’s domestic security policy in the last decade. As a result, going through visa, green card, and citizenship process have been long and difficult. For translations, the USCIS has specific guidelines on what is expected to be submitted. It includes a letter from the translator attesting to their competency in both languages and attesting to the accuracy of their work. It can be intimidating. There is a solution: Let DocsBase handle all your translations! We are a professional translation and legalization agency that will translate all your visa, green card, naturalization, or any other materials according to the standards set by the USCIS. We only hire translators that are trained and experienced in their areas of expertise. We have staff that regularly translates the types of vital documents that are requested by the USCIS.

Legalization with DocsBase in New York

Not only will the USCIS ask for translated versions of your vital documents, but they will often ask that the originals be authenticated. This means that you will have to legalize the documents to prove their authenticity. Don’t worry…DocsBase legalizes documents too. Whether you need an apostille or consular legalization, we can help. Its best if you find out exactly what you need from the USCIS and then we can help you get it. If you are not sure, ask us, and we can do our best to advise you on the steps you need to take. Visit our site today to get a quote and find out more information.



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