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DocsBase Specialized Translation Agency has translated various documents for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Our New York company only employs certified translators accredited by USCIS. Our translators are based in the U.S. and have vast experience of translating for immigration authorities and know all the immigration translation requirements. We regularly translate and certify immigration forms and papers for the Green Card Lottery Program as well asonline immigration appointments for the USCIS.


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Why use certified translators?

The USCIS offices require all English translations to be certified by a translator. We can help you translate and certify your immigration documents and ensure the translations will be accepted.

The USCIS website has the following requirement for translation of immigration documents:

“Any foreign language document offered by a party in a proceeding shall be accompanied by an English language translation and a certification signed by the translator that must be printed legibly or typed. Such certification must include a statement that the translator is competent to translate the document, and that the translation is true and accurate to the best of the translator's abilities.”

It is tempting to use an online translator for short personal documents or translate your own documents. However, neither of these methods will be accepted as certified translations. DocsBase Specialized Translation Agency certifies that our translations for the USCIS meet the specific requirements outlined above.

The USCIS has strict procedures for reviewing the information they receive. If the USCIS has doubts about the authenticity of a translated document, the officers will send an RFE. This will delay processing times for your case.

When submitting documents for status adjustment to the USCIS, you often must submit copies of personal documents such as birth or marriage certificates. USCIS states that all forms, any documents or affidavits, must be submitted in English and translations must be certified.

Our Promise

If you want to be sure that your translations comply with the USCIS requirements you should use a translation agency with experience in certified translations. Our professional translation agency has vast experience of working with immigration cases and we ensure that your documents will be accepted by the USCIS.

Please do not hesitate to contact the DoscBase Specialized Translations office in New York to find out more about getting a quote for a certified translation of your immigration documents.

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