Freelance translator or Professional Translation Agency in NYC?

When a need arises to translate documents and texts of any nature, one may consider using services of a professional translation agency or individual freelance translator. So, which one is better?

Individual freelance translators usually work with one, sometimes two language pairs and could rarely offer you a range of languages a company does. For example, if you are looking to for a simple passport stamps translation service, individual linguist might not be able to help you with all of them simply because of the limited languages he or she knows.


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Translation companies, on the other hand, usually hire a few linguists per every language pair they work with and can provide services much faster and more professionally than individual experts. Moreover, if a translation has to be done perfectly, mistake-free, an agency could always proofread the final work by another linguist which is, obviously, not the case if you work with one freelance translator.

Speed and workload are other areas where professional companies usually turn out to be a better choice. If you need, for instance, to handle a 100-page job in just a few days, say over a weekend, an agency may split the work to parts and allocate them to a few employees. This work will be then combined, proofread, polished to perfection and delivered.

Another area where companies could be an obvious choice is specialized translations: medical, technical, IT, engineering and so on. A translation agency is usually well equipped to handle the job and has subject matter experts who may assist linguists with terminology and abbreviations.

Last but not least is the cost of work. In most circumstances you will get a better price coming to multinational translation companies which can fit your budget without sacrificing quality or time.

DocsBase USA located in NYC is a division of DocsBase International with offices in Canada, UK, Ireland, Switzerland. Our professional, in-house certified translators will gladly assist you with translation projects of any difficulty. Please feel free contacting our friendly expert team upon your convenience. We work to help you.

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