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Engineering translation in New York

DocsBase Specialized Translation Agency in New York offers high quality engineering translations for the U.S market and abroad. Our engineering and technical translators are based in the U.S and are highly specialized in one or two fields. Each document is also proofread by an engineering specialist in the respective area to make sure that all terminology is adequate and accurate.

Why use a translator?

Engineering translation is considered to be one of the most complicated, most popular types of translation. Translation of engineering documentation does not only require proficiency in two languages and excellent knowledge of terminology and jargon, but also calls for deep understanding of the processes and systems described in the text. Our company only employs native speakers specialized in technical and engineering translations.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

DocsBase Specialized Translation Agency has developed a highly efficient quality control system that ensures that all engineering translations are proofread by our New York in-house language experts and by an engineering specialist who is a native speaker of the target language.

Our promise

Our company offers high quality engineering translation services ensuring accurate reflection and adaptation of you technical paperwork. This helps bring concepts and instructions to every unit to make sure that those are strictly followed by all staff.

DoscBase Specialized Translation Agency also regularly provides translation of engineering sales and marketing materials. We will assess your project and select the translators experienced in the specific area covered by your materials. Our engineering translation teams follow strict protocol to ensure that the original document is correctly channeled to your target audience.

Engineering translation specializations

We provide translations in all engineering fields including:

  • Civil Engineering Translation
  • Mechanical Engineering Translation
  • Industrial Engineering Translation
  • Electrical Engineering Translation
  • Chemical Engineering Translation

Our New York translators, proofreaders and editors are native speakers of the target language with qualifications and experience in the relevant industry with specializations in:

  • Translation of engineering plans and drawings in AutoCAD format;
  • Translation of user’s manuals and operational documentation for equipment and other technical documents;
  • Planning permit translations
  • Scientific and research document translation such as specialized engineering literature, articles, brochures;
  • Translation of device specification;
  • Safety manuals translations;
  • Technical reports translations;
  • Product & user manuals translations;
  • Engineering corporate materials translations;
  • Technical patents translations.

Please do not hesitate to contact our New York translation office for advice on your engineering translation requirements

IT translation

DocsBase Specialized Translation Agency employs only most experienced and educated IT translators. Our company has extensive IT translation and localization experience in the IT industry. All our translators are based in the U.S. and are IT specialists.

Software, website and interface localization in our New York office

Software, website and interface localization has very extensive and complex computer terminology, language structures, abbreviations, etc. DocsBase Specialized Translation linguists have very good knowledge and grasp of the terminology and deep understanding of the questions at hand. All our IT translators have a computer science background: it would be extremely difficult to describe a search engine without a good grasp of programming principles. Our IT translators have specializations, technical education or certain experience in the IT industry.

The IT translation has to meet all linguistic requirements and take into account the target country’s specifics. It is very important that the language fits the standard IT glossary and that formats (e.g., dates, addresses, phone numbers) are brought in compliance with the accepted standards.

Recent developments in computer hardware, software and security systems have resulted in numerous changes and developments of IT language and terminology. All of this has made IT translation and localization into a highly specialized area. Our New York company is proud to comply with the highest industry standards through applying our unique quality control system.

DocsBase Specialized Translation Agency provides translations for various organizations in the IT industry in the following areas

  • Online support system translations
  • ERP/CRM systems translations
  • Website translation and localization
  • User manuals translations
  • Hardware application translations
  • Software translations
  • Multimedia translations
  • E–learning module translations
  • Web engineering translations

We will organize a team dedicated to your project consisting of highly qualified and specialized IT translators, editor and proofreaders who have deep knowledge and extensive experience in the relevant field. This approach ensures that the end result is both an accurate translation and also be localized and adapted to the specific market.

Our IT translations are always done by the translators who are native speakers of the target language and are proofread by an IT specialist of the particular area.

Please feel free to call our New York office about any of your IT translation requirements and our friendly and professional staff will be happy to provide any assistance they possibly can.

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