Certified Translations of Marriage Certificates in New York

Certified Translations of Marriage Certificates in New York

At Docsbase Inc. Translation and Legalization Services we offer the most affordable certified translations in New York. If you are located in the Tri-state area and need a quick translation of an important document, we are here to assist you. We translate everything from corporate and business documents, to personal certificates (birth, etc.), to industry-specific orders. Without a doubt, one of our most commonly translated documents is the Marriage Certificate.

Importance of a Certified Marriage Certificate for Use in New York

One of the most important documents to have a certified translation of is the marriage certificate. In order to prove the validity of a marriage in a different country here in the US, you will need an official translation. It might be necessary for things you never have considered, for example, getting social security benefits or making important health-related decisions. It might be necessary for the estate or probate process. If you were married in a different country, it is really indispensable to have a certified translation on hand.


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No matter what country you are from we can provide you with a certified translation that will be accepted by the authorities here in New York. Some recurring countries that come across our desk are Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico, West Indian countries (Jamaica, Trinidad, St. Lucia), China, and many more.

American Marriage Certificates for Use Abroad

DocsBase can also help for those who wish to use their marriage certificate outside of the United States. Generally, a foreign country will not accept a document unless it has received an Apostille seal from the state or federal government. The countries that accept the Apostille are members of The Hague Convention, in other words, most European countries. Some other countries only accept a Certificate of Authenticity from the U.S. Office of Authentications or U.S. Department of State.

In virtually all cases, the authorities of the country will not accept a marriage license unless it is in their official language, which means that you will need a certified translation. Because DocsBase Inc. has years of experience translating marriage certifications from all different languages, this is a translation is one we can do in a very short period of time. Let us help you out!

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