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Consular Legalization Here in D.C.

DocsBase Inc. offers the most affordable document legalization services in the industry. If you need to use U.S issued documents abroad, or foreign documents in the U.S, you will need to have them recognized as legally valid for the target country. Although most of the time this involves obtaining an Apostille (an authentication stamp), some countries have different regulations. If you want to use Canadian, Brazilian, or Chinese documents in the U.S, or American documents in these countries, an Apostille will not work: these countries, among others, did not sign the Apostille Convention of 1961. In these cases, you will need consular legalization.


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The most common types of documents that need legalization, as listed by the U.S. Department of State, are:

DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services can obtain the necessary legalization for these documents, and much more!

Legalization in Washington D.C.

If you’re in D.C or in the surrounding area, and need consular legalization, DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services is here for you. An international agency, with offices all over the world, we have years of experience in dealing with consulates and officials. Why go all the way to the consulate yourself when DocsBase can conveniently take your documents there for you and dispatch them to your home! No need to waste time on transportation, waiting in line or filling out forms: we will obtain all necessary legalizations for your document, as fast as possible and all for an affordable price.

Our additional services at DocsBase

In addition to our legalization services, you may need to have your document translated into the language of its destination country. DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services has fully certified translators in hundreds of European, Asian, African and Oceanian languages at your service! We can translate then legalize your document, translate an already legalized document, or just legalize your document. Our translators are always native speakers of the target language, and have specifically studied the area in which they are translating: we have translators who are specialists in medicine, engineering, IT, finance and law, among other fields.

Do not hesitate to contact DocsBase, either by phone or email, for our remote translation and legalization services!

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