Apostille and Legalization of Documents in New York

What is Apostille and what does a legalisation process consist of?

Legalizing a document means confirming that the signature on this document genuine. The process implies the attachment of a stamp (that is, the apostille) and a signature. It is important to bear in mind that legalization does not confirm authenticity of the contents of the document in question and refers only to the signature.

In some situations (and you are encouraged to check the requirements in each individual case) for submission abroad documents have to undergo a so-called double legalisation, meaning, for example, that a diploma certificate may have to be legalised both by the Ministry of Education and then again by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In other cases, the procedure is simplified and only requires legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Pursuant to the Apostille Convention (signed on 05 October 1961) personal documents must be legalized and have an apostille affixed before these can be used abroad. Legalization is a common procedure in international business, and is important to growth and credibility of one’s commercial presence and activities abroad. Professionally translated and legalized documents will reassure your partners and demonstrate your commitment to your clients.

Apostille and Legalization of Business Documents by Docsbase in New York

When expanding your commercial activities or establishing new trade links with clients and customers abroad, simple translation of business documents may not be sufficient and you may be required to affix an apostille or legalize your documents.

Below you will find a sample list of business documents that have to bear an apostille doing business abroad. These are the kinds of documents that Docsbase Inc. in New York regularly translates and legalizes:

Articles of Incorporation (Also referred to as Certificate of Incorporation or simply Corporate Charter)

This document outlines the purpose of the business as well as the rights and liabilities of company shareholders and management. It effectively serves as evidence of the existence of the company and is absolutely vital when establishing new corporate connections and partnerships.


This document outlines administrative and organizational matters pertaining to the running of the company, (election processes and meetings), and may be required together with the Articles of Incorporation.

Certificate of Amendment

Should any information regarding the company change after the Articles of Incorporation have been filed, the company is required to file in a Certificate of Amendment. It is likewise essential to keep your partners abroad informed of such changes, by sending them a legalized copy thereof with an apostille.

Other certificates and business documents that as a rule require an apostille or legalization are as follows:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Form 6166 (IRS)
  • Corporate Resolution
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Incumbency Certificate


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