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Marriage Documents

Arabic Marriage Certificate Translation in New York

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Where to get an Arabic Marriage Certificate Translation in New York
Do you need an Arabic marriage certificate translated into English? DocsBase Translation and Legalization Services offers the most affordable translations of marriage certificates from Arabic into English. It is extremely important to have a translated copy of your marriage certificate on hand. You never know what you might need it for. Are you getting married or divorced her in the states? Do you need to show proof of your marriage to receive certain business or governmental benefits? We can make sure that your certificate is translated and completely certified for use here in the United States.

DocsBase and Certified Translations of Arabic Marriage Certificates
DocsBase is here to help. We've translated thousands of documents, including Arabic marriage certificates, and we guarantee the acceptance of these documents by all major US institutions and agencies. Our team of professional translators has years of experience translating Arabic civil documents, including marriage and birth certificates, into English for official use. We have thorough knowledge of all terminology used in Arabic, and in English civil documentation. No matter what Arabic-speaking country you are from, we have translators that regularly work with different dialects so you can be sure that our professional experts will provide you with an excellent translation. Our employees in NY proofread our translations to ensure that it is of the highest standard.

Legalization Services in New York
Do you need your document legalized? Depending on what country the document was issued in, we can help you through the legalization process. In order for a document to be accepted for official use in the US, it needs to have been legalized properly. Sometimes, this means getting an Apostille. Other times this could mean getting a consular legalization though an embassy here in New York or in Washington DC. In even a few cases, it could mean getting a legalization in the country of origin. We can help you figure out what you need to do.

Work with DocsBase today
Our site has information for any questions you might have. It also gives you the opportunity to get a free quote. Simply, fill out the online quote form and attach your document if you have a scan or image copy and we will respond within minutes with a quote and timeline.

Arabic Marriage Certificate Translation in New York


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Docsbase is a specialized translation company focused on certified document translations, as well as notary and legalisation services. Contact one of our New York City based advisers for more information.

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