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Educational documents

Educational documents

German Academic Records Translation in New York

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Get a certified translation of your German Academic Records in NYC
DocsBase Inc. is a leading translation and document legalization agency in New York. We specialize in German to English and English to German translations. We translate any and every type of document including vital records, medical/financial/business documents, IT and Technical and much more. One area that continues to grow is the translation of education related documents, most prominently Academic Records. More and more, European students are choosing to study internationally, whether it be in countries within the EU or abroad, in Canada or the US. This option has become available because international programs have been giving instruction in English, effectively opening doors to a whole new population of English speaking students. As a result, a demand for certified translations of academic documents has arisen.

Why translate German Education Documents with DocsBase
We are an international agency with offices across Europe and North America, most importantly in this case, in New York and Munich. This allows great flexibility when dealing with documents issued in one country but destined for use in the other. You can order a document in Germany, for example, and get it delivered to a university in the United States at local shipping prices. We have both German and English speaking staff that and both offices communicate between each other on a daily basis.

What is the advantage of translating in New York? If you are applying to a university in the States, the best option is to have your academic documents translated here. We will certify it according to local standards and our translations will use the terminology universities expect.

DocsBase New York for German document translations
We employ a number of talented translators – many of whom are native German speakers – who can guarantee you an accurate and faithful translation of your documents. We specialize in translating all types of official documents, including educational documents such as examination results, graduation and Abitur certificates, degrees and diplomas. We provide a fully secure and confidential service, and all our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by all major agencies and institutions in the US and beyond. Simply email or fax us a scan of your document, and we will mail your finished translation to you by the next day. Contact us today for a free quote.

German Academic Records Translation in New York


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Docsbase is a specialized translation company focused on certified document translations, as well as notary and legalisation services. Contact one of our New York City based advisers for more information.

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