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Belarusian Translation and Localization Services.
From Docsbase International. New York


We offer high quality translation services, working both from and into Belarusian. Because of the global reach of our many international offices, in New York City, Dublin and Zurich, just to name a small few, we have access to the best Belarusian translators and interpreters, with extensive professional experience in a number of different domains. This means that we will always have a translator suited to the needs and scope of your project.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

We specialize in translating legal, technical, economic and personal documents. If you need your document certified with an Apostille, or any other form of legalization, we can help.


Our team can provide you with a variety of services including the translation of:

  • Personal documents – Our translators can provide quick and reliable translations of personal documents for example Belarusian birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce and death certificates.
  • Educational certificates – We provide accurate translations and certifications of Belarusian educational documents like school and university diplomas.
  • Legal documentation – Our translators can provide accurate translations of all type of legal documentation for example Belarusian adoption papers and contracts of employment.
  • Corporate documents – We have experience in working with businesses in the translation of professional Belarusian documents including documents of employment procedures, Belarusian contracts, insurance statements etc. Our translators are fully qualified and can translate from both Belarusian into English and English into Belarusian. We also provide comprehensive localization services in Belarusian.

Proofreading Belarusian and English Documents

Our additional services include editing, formatting and proofreading Belarusian documents and translations. All of our Belarusian translations are certified by the agency and we can guarantee that you will receive the best service possible. We also have a vast network of solicitors and notaries working with us and can legalize your translation with the appropriate stamps or with an Apostille, if necessary.

Fast Belarusian Translations

We are proud of our fast and efficient customer service. You can order your Belarusian translations by calling us, sending us an email orby calling into the office. We are always available and can provide you with last minute translations for the lowest price anywhere.

Your Belarusian translations, or document copies, can be certified as True Copies of the original, and we can also arrange for them to be legalized by a notary or a solicitor. We can also provide your signature as verification on Passport Application forms, Powers of Attorney, Affidavits and Declarations.

Belarusian Interpreting Services

We also offer Belarusian Interpreting Services in Marriage registration offices, Social Welfare Departments, Tax offices and Conferences. All of our interpreters are professionally qualified and certified in their line of work.




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