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Bulgarian to English Translation and Legalisation Services. Docsbase Limited London.

Bulgarian Document Translation Services in Central London

Our office provides Bulgarian to English and English to Bulgarian translations in a very short period of time at the lowest prices. Originally based in Dublin, Ireland, Docsbase International now has offices around the world – across the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA.

Our Bulgarian London-based translators, editors and proof-readers with years of experience help you to translate your Bulgarian documents: Bulgarian civil documents, Bulgarian court decisions, Bulgarian Criminal records, educational records etc.

We translate Bulgarian certificates on daily basis to be used all over the world.

Bulgarian Translation Services offers translations of any level of difficulty, such as:

  • Bulgarian Medical documentation: Our translators have experience of working in the medical field and have specialised backgrounds to provide efficient and quality service.
  • Bulgarian Legal certificates: Our team of translators can provide Bulgarian translations of legal documentation for example Bulgarian adoption papers and contracts of employment.
  • Corporate documents: We have experience in the translation of corporate documentation and localization of Bulgarian website for corporate use. We also provide comprehensive localization services in Bulgarian.
  • Bulgarian Educational certificates: We have a lot of experience in the translation of Bulgarian educational documents like Bulgarian school and Bulgarian university diplomas.
  • Personal documents: Any documents like birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates can be translated from Bulgarian into English and from English into Bulgarian.

Bulgarian Interpreting Services

Our Bulgarian interpreters are all professionals in their field of work and have a vast amount of experience working in a range of environments – for example in legal settings like court houses and solicitors offices, medical settings like doctors’ offices and hospitals and others. They can provide interpretation services between Bulgarian to English and English to Bulgarian. Please get in contact with us and we will be able to provide a specialised service with one of our professional translators quickly and efficiently.

Certification Of Bulgarian Documents

At our London office at 17 Hanover Square we prepare your Bulgarian documents from translation with the Bulgarian translator certification and can also provide Notary and Solicitor and legalization by an Apostille stamp if required.

We can ensure that you get word-perfect, accurate translations, stamped and signed by our Translation Agency. If you do not have time to come to the office, you can easily give us a call and send your document by e-mail (scan or picture). Our specialists will contact you immediately to arrange the translation.

You can rely on our fast, accurate and reliable service and be sure that your certified Bulgarian translation is accepted both by the UK authorities and all over the world.

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