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Chinese to English Translation and Legalisation Services. Docsbase Limited London.

Chinese Document Translation Services in Central London

At Docsbase, each of our international offices offers top-quality translation services from and into both Mandarin and Cantonese. Our London-based team of talented linguists, editors and proof-readers are native speakers that have considerable experience in translation and document certification services. We can deliver rush orders in a short space of time with high quality results.

Certified Chinese Translations

We can provide any translation, localization or certification service you might need. This includes the translation itself, which will always be carried out by qualified translator with domain-specific expertise, drafting, formatting, and certification – up to and including notarization or Apostille legalization.

Chinese Document Legalization

We have a vast network of solicitors and notaries working with us, who can notarize any documents of Chinese origin, or documents prepared for use in China, and we can guarantee that our translations are recognized and accepted as valid by all major authorities worldwide. We assist our customers with legalizing Chinese documents at an affordable rate, with the highest level of accuracy and the shortest waiting times in the industry.

Chinese Interpreting Services

Our certified Mandarin and Cantonese interpreters only ever work in their native language, and have extensive experience in interpreting in situations such as marriage registration offices, medical consultations, judicial courts and business conferences.

By choosing our translation service you choose a service with high-quality specialists who will accurately reproduce your Mandarin or Cantonese documents with the highest levels of efficiency and precision.

24 Hour Customer Service

We have an efficient 24/7 online customer service system which means that your documents can be translated and legalized wherever you are and whenever you need them. You can either come to our Central London office at 17 Hanover Square in person, email your scanned documents, or send us the originals by registered mail and the completed, certified translation will be sent to you within a couple of days.

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