Cancellation, Refund, and Return Policy

Docsbase Document Legalisation Department

Should you decide to cancel your order, please do so as soon as possible after making payment. A 100% refund is applicable if we haven’t assigned your project to a translator yet. However, once a translator is engaged, we cannot accept cancellation requests. Typically, we assign a translator immediately upon receiving your order. If this is not the case, a full refund can be issued. Partial cancellations for unused services are accepted if not already executed. For example, if you paid for hard copies but now require electronic copies, we can refund the extra charges if the hard copies haven’t been dispatched. To request a cancellation, email us at or reach out via online chat or phone.

Cancellation of Translation Services

For cancellations within 12 hours of the commencement of the translation, a 75% cancellation fee applies, with the remaining amount refunded. If cancelled within 2 hours, a 50% cancellation fee is applicable for all projects. In some cases, with more complex orders, where we have spent time working on the preparation of the quote and assigning the project, we may also retain a small Project Management fee.

Delivery Delay

We strive to complete all our translations as soon as we receive them, usually within 24 hours. However, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time for all orders. If we haven’t expressly agreed to a 24-hour delivery, you are not entitled to reject any delivery due to delays. If we have expressly agreed to a 24-hour delivery, you are entitled to a refund determined by the delay period calculated after the 24th hour. For delays less than 24 hours from the committed delivery time, we will issue a 10% refund. If the delay is more than 24 hours from the committed delivery time, we will issue a refund of 15%. Any refund for a project over £/€ 1,000 will be handled on an individual basis.

Edit Requests

You can request edits to your translated documents, including synonyms, word preferences, and corrections for names or illegible words. We accommodate these edits promptly and as many times as necessary. While we value your feedback, refunds or chargebacks are not provided.


We adhere to Translation Industry Standards and provide certification according to EU, US, and UK regulations. Clients must communicate with the requesting party and request their specific certification requirements based on their country and personal circumstances and to provide clear instruction to the Translation Agency. Each country may have specific certification requirements, depending on the use of the final translated document and the client’s personal circumstances. It is the client’s obligation to clearly communicate with the Translation Agency about the type of certification required and whether the requesting party needs a digital or paper copy, as well as any additional layers of certification, such as notary, apostille, sworn statement, consular legalisation, etc.

We can only issue Certification after Client reviews the drafts, and we finalise communication with the client in relation to the drafts.

We reserve the right to refuse to certify the translation if we do not agree with Client’s suggestions.

Absence of certification does not constitute a reason for refund if the translation project has been completed. Certification is just an additional step provided as part of the certified translation service.


We offer digitally Certified Translation Services. Should the client need a paper copy, we can prepare and post the document on the client’s behalf or prepare a paper copy for collection. We are not responsible for loss, damage, or delays caused by the postal service provider. When possible, we can offer a free replacement of the translated document, but the client must cover preparation and postage costs. We can only replace documents commensurate to the value of the service undertaken directly by us. Additional levels of service undertaken by a third party, e.g. Notarisation or Apostille, are not covered under this replacement policy.

Please read our postal disclaimer.