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Urdu Language Translations From Central London

Our company has recently opened its office at 17 Hanover Square, London, expanding our business network across continents. We now have offices in the UK, mainland Europe, the USA, Ireland and Canada. We have a team of qualified professional translators with years of experience in the translation of technical and legal documentation working with us, along with expert proof-readers and editors.

Our London-based Urdu translators, editors and proof-readers have many years’ experience of translating and editing official civil documents written in Urdu, financial statements and personal documentation such as Pakistani birth certificates, marriage certificates and other types of documents. All of the documents that we produce are certified in-house, and if a translated document needs further legalization in order for it to be accepted by the UK government agencies or any other major authority or institution, we also provide notarial certification.

Urdu Documents Translations

As one of the most commonly spoken languages in Pakistan and India, we have considerable experience providing translations from and into Urdu for clients. Our translators are all native speakers of Urdu, and can provide professional and reliable translations of Urdu documents into English and many other languages.

Examples of the type of documents that we translate include:

  • Personal Documents – this includes birth certificates, death certificates and marriage and divorce certificates written originally in Urdu, that we can then translate into English for use all over the world.
  • Legal Documentation – though less frequent, we also have translators with the skills to translate official documents in Urdu into English and other languages.

Urdu Document Certification

In-house we can provide certification of all types of documentation. Some more technical and legal documents may require legalization by a notary. Our company has links with local solicitors and notaries that can provide quick turnover of documents. Translation and certification of most documents can be done within 2 days. Not sure as to what type of certification your document requires for recognition in certain countries? Our customer support team are easy to contact by email or over the phone, or by simply calling in! Our London advisers are available in person Monday to Friday during business hours, and offer a 24/7 online support service if you need to organize a project in a hurry!

Our company also provides services for other languages of India and Pakistan – namely Hindi and Punjabi. As with our Urdu translators, they are native speakers of the languages and have years of experience in the translation of legal and corporate documentation.

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