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Russian Translation Services From Central London

Our London-based office provides Russian to English and English to Russian translations. We have been working in the translation industry for over 10 years in locations around the world, beginning in Dublin, and have expanded our company base to London, New York, Zurich, Canada, Germany, and Russia. We can prepare your documents for the Russian Federation or for any other Russian-speaking country and can translate personal documents such as Russian or USSR Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates or Death Certificates. We can also provide advice on documents required for Immigration, Education, Business or Legal paperwork and provide top class translations by native speakers.

We are market leaders in Russian translations.

Translation Services Russian Documents

We provide translation of many types of documents including:

  • Personal documents – Our native Russian speakers translate Russian Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce and Death Certificates, Degrees and Diplomas into English; or alternatively from English into Russian.
  • Legal documents – Our translators have experience in the translation and certification of legal documents for example Russian adoption papers and contracts of employment.
  • Corporate documents – We have experience in the translation of business documents including Russian contracts, insurance statements, documents of employment procedures, Articles of Association, etc. Our professional Russian translators are fully qualified and can translate from Russian to English, and also from English into Russian.
  • Special texts – We provide translation and localization services for businesses in the translation of their presentations, marketing or promotional materials between Russian and English.
  • Website texts – We can offer translation and localization of websites.
  • Technical or financial documents – Our translators provide professional translations of Russian scientific texts, audit reports, financial accounts, bank statements, bank drafts and balances.

Interpreting By Native Russian Speakers

Our interpreters are Russian native speakers who are experienced in working in different settings, including solicitors’ offices, courts and hospitals.

Preparation And Proofreading Of Russian Documents

Through our process of preparing documents and proofreading we ensure that your document is word-perfect every time. We offer the lowest price, service and turnaround time. Our clients do not look anywhere else after dealing with us once.

Notarisation, Certification And Legalization Of Russian Documents And Russian Translations

All of our translations are fully accepted in all of the countries that we operate in. We provide cost-effective notarial, apostille and legalisation services in all of our offices around the world, including London, 17 Hanover Square.

Apostille On Russian Documents

The addition of an Apostille on all official documents ensures that your Russian language documents will be legally valid abroad. We can draft and/or translate the Power of Attorney for you into Russian or English for any country including the Russian Federation and legalise the POA in the Russian Embassy in London if needed

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