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Portuguese to English Translation and Legalisation Services. Docsbase Limited London.

Certified Translation of Portuguese, Brazil and Angolan documents into English

We offer a wide range of Portuguese translation services for legal, technical, marketing, website, medical, certified, business, financial and personal needs. Our highly-skilled team of Portuguese linguists help us ensure that our Portuguese translations are always accurate and that they directly correspond with your needs.
Our Portuguese translators work for us on a global scale and are proficient in localizing translations and translating into their mother tongue. Whatever the type of Portuguese translation you need, we’ll be able to provide it.

Certified Portuguese Translation And Legalisation

We can guide you through the legalisation process for your documents and provide you with the following types of legalisations:

  • Solicitor or Notary certification of your Portuguese documents
  • A true copy of the original
  • Apostille stamp legalisation
  • Signature authentication

All these legalisation services are fully valid for all the countries in which we are present: Ireland, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the USA and Canada. If you’re unsure as to what legalisation you may need, simply call us or contact us via our website. We’ll use our ten years of experience and expertise to appropriately advise you on what you need.

Budget-Friendly Prices That Do Not Compromise On Quality

We understand the need to provide high quality translations at a cost efficient price. If you would like a free quote for your translation then just forward us the documents that you need translated and our London-based team will analyse them according to their level of complexity and formatting requirements in order to let you know how much the translation will cost.

About Us

Our story began over ten years ago when we opened our first office in Dublin, Ireland. Our initial success enabled us to open up offices throughout the UK and Ireland, gradually expanding and gaining more experience in the global world of translation. At present, we have offices in various major European cities and have recently expanded to Canada and the USA. We believe that our clients have been the secret to our success and we highly value the trust you place in us. Let’s continue working together, breaking down communication barriers!

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