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Lithuanian Language Translations in Central London

Our office at 17 Hanover Square can provide you with a wide range of language translation services. Our specialist translators are fully certified and qualified to provide you with quality translation and interpreting services any time you need. Our London-based team of translators, proof-readers and editors are sure to give the most efficient service as they are highly experienced and professionals in their field.

Our company has offices around the world and our agency is regarded as being one of the best translation companies around, with affordable prices and efficient turnover times for all types of translations.
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We now provide Lithuanian document translations by experienced professional translators. All of the freelance and in-house translators employed by us are fully certified and investigated by us. We can guarantee you the highest quality translation service possible.

Lithuanian Document Translations

Our company gets many different types of document translation requests every day, including:

  • Legal translations – This includes the translation of Lithuanian adoption papers and Lithuanian contracts of employment into many different languages.
  • Medical translations – Many of our translators have backgrounds in medicine and can give you accurate translations of doctors’ notes and Lithuanian medical records.
  • Educational documentation – One of our most popular services is the translation of Lithuanian University diplomas and Lithuanian school reports.
  • Personal documents – Our native Lithuanian translators can translate personal documents such as Lithuanian Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Lithuanian Death Certificates into English, or alternatively from English into Lithuanian, and other languages.

Baltic Language Translation Services

Other languages including Estonian and Latvian are provided for by our company. We have native Estonian and Latvian speakers who can provide you with translation services into a wide range of other languages. Many of our translators are bilingual and have backgrounds in various fields such as Medicine, Law, Education and Business. Therefore they have the skills necessary to provide you with top class translation services of all kinds of texts.

Interpreting By Lithuanian Speakers

Along with our translation services, our company can provide you with qualified Lithuanian interpreters to work in various settings such as courts, doctors’ practices, hospitals, schools etc. We also have experience working in various corporate settings.

Whatever type of service you need, please do not hesitate in contacting us for more information!

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