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Marriage Documents

Danish Marriage Certificate Translation in New York

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Get a certified translation of your Danish marriage certificate
DocsBase Inc. Translation and Legalization Services provides the most affordable certified translations in New York. We are experts in translations from Danish to English and vice-versa. We routinely translate birth certificates, Apostilles, diplomas, transcripts, websites, and many other types of documents, but without out a doubt, one of our most common translations is the marriage certificate. It is an extremely important document to have a certified copy of on hand, even if you are not in urgent need of one. Continue reading to find out why.

Why have a translated copy of your Danish Marriage Certificate – DocsBase New York
If you were married in Denmark, either because you are from there or because it was a destination wedding, you will need to prove your marriage here in the United States. Why is it so important to have a certified translation? A marriage certificate is a record of your marriage issued by an authorized state or federal agency. In order to comply with certain governmental regulations, programs, or benefits, you will have to submit your marriage certification. On matters such as Social Security benefits, tax filings, and other official things you may need to provide a certified translation.

Legalization of your Danish language documents with DocsBase
Depending on who you are submitting your documents to, a certified translation may not be enough. Often, governmental agencies require that your original document is authenticated. This means that it is proven valid by the issuing authorities in Denmark. Thankfully, this process of legalization has been made easier by The Hague Convention of which both Denmark and the United States are signatories. Thus, only an apostille is necessary to authenticate your marriage certificate. This can still be a time consuming process, but DocsBase can help. We have a Legalization Services department that can assist you in getting your documents authenticated. DocsBase can then translate your apostille and original document so that everything is guaranteed to be accepted.

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Not sure about how to proceed? Tell us about your situation and upload any necessary documents to our site. We will respond within minutes with a quote and timeline. Once, we have agreed on a price, we can start your translation from the document you already uploaded and mail it to you upon completion. That means that you never have to leave your house if you don’t want!

Danish Marriage Certificate Translation in New York


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