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Educational documents

German Undergraduate Diploma Translation in New York

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Get a certified translation of your Undergraduate Dipoma with DocsBase

If you graduated from an undergraduate university or college in Germany and are looking for jobs in the United States, you will have numerous documents that need translated to English. A list of these documents include diplomas, transcripts, training certificates, resumes, cover letters, and more. Fortunately, DocsBase Translatione and Legalization Service provides the most competitive prices for German to English and English to German translations. We are an experienced company that can help you prepare all your documents to submitted to potential employers or to universities for post-graduate programs. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of high quality translations, as well as our services.

Student and professional related German translations with DocsBase

Whether you are applying for jobs or to pursue higher education through a Master’s or PhD program, you will need to present the highest quality translations of your application materials. Unless specifically requested, employers and universities will require that all application materials be submitted in English. Because they will only be able to read the English versions, it is extremely important that translations are accurate and true to the originals. DocsBase USA has native German and English translators that have areas of expertise including financial, legal, sciences, IT, tech, and more. This means that you can trust your undergraduate degree will be translated by somebody who is familiar with the correct terminology.

Prices and other services with DocsBase New York

Undergraduate diplomas from German to English usually cost $20 to $25. In general, translations between German and English run $20 per page, but this can change according to density and complexity. We are confident that we offer the lowest prices for the highest quality in and around the New York City area. We also offer legalization services. If you are applying for a student or work visa, the requesting authorities may require that your educational documents be legalized to prove their authenticity. In most cases, this means getting an Apostille affixed to the document. Whether your documents were issued in Germany and you wish to used them in the US or vice-versa, we can assist you. Because of our physical presence in both Germany and New York, we are capable of carrying Apostille services in either country.

DocsBase Inc in New York is your solution for translation and legalization of German education documents. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

German Undergraduate Diploma Translation in New York


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Docsbase is a specialized translation company focused on certified document translations, as well as notary and legalisation services. Contact one of our New York City based advisers for more information.

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