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Educational documents

Educational documents

German High School Diploma Translation in New York

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Get a certified translation of your German High School Diploma with DocsBase

Are you looking to study or work in the United States? If you are from Germany, you will need your German education documents translated to English. Fortunately, DocsBase Inc. provides the most affordable translations on these types of documents. A German high school diploma is among those documents that are most frequently requested by universities, employers, and, in some cases, government agencies. It is essential that you have a certified translation of your diploma.

What are universities and employers looking for? They want proof that you have done what you have said you done in your application or on your resume. Besides a diploma, they may also ask for transcripts, a cover letter, references letters, certificates of completion for voluntary service, and more. You will have to turn into them, not only copies of the originals, but certified translations.

Trust DocsBase with all your German Document Needs

Thanks to our team of native German and English in-house translators, we are particularly adept at translations between these two languages. High school diplomas and personal/vital documents can cost as little as 20 dollars per document. In general, German to English translations of any type will cost 20$ to 25$ a page. This is subject to change depending on complexity of the content. We offer discounts on large orders as well. If you are preparing applications for universities, we can offer package pricing and prepare all your documents so that they will be guaranteed for acceptance.

Thanks to our team’s expertise and experience, we can provide the best translation services, with the quickest completion times in the industry. We guarantee that you will receive a translation that is true to the original content and includes all relevant terminology. All of our translations are certified, meaning that your document is guaranteed to be accepted by all major institutions across the US and beyond. Simply email or fax us a scan of your document, and we will mail your finished translation to you by the next day. We look forward to hearing from you!

German High School Diploma Translation in New York


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Docsbase is a specialized translation company focused on certified document translations, as well as notary and legalisation services. Contact one of our New York City based advisers for more information.

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