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Belarusian Birth Certificate Translation in New York City

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Where to get a translation of a Belarusian Birth Certificate in New York City
DocsBase Inc. Translation and Legalization Services offers the most affordable prices for certified translations of Belarusian birth certificates. How do we do this? We are an international agency with a vast network of in-house and trusted freelance translators. Because of our experience in translation and our physical presence in Eastern Europe, we commonly come across Belarusian language documents that need translated to English. You can trust in our services at DocsBase as thousands of customers have before you.

Why need a certified translation of a Belarusian birth certificate?
If you were born in Belarus, having a certified translation of your birth certificate is extremely important. If you are presenting documents at the United State Citizen and Immigration Services building in New York City, you are going to need a certified copy. This is true whether it be applying for a green card or visa, sponsoring parents’ visitor visa, sponsoring relatives for a green card, and more. Our translations will be accepted by the USCIS or any other government agency, whether it be city, state, or federal. If you are submitted your Belarusian birth certificate to the USCIS, let us know and we make sure it adheres to their requirements.

How to translate your birth certificate with DocsBase
Go to and click free quote on the homepage (Or click “order now” on this page”. Fill out the required fields, upload your document, and give us a little description on what you would like done. We will respond within minutes with a quote and timeline. For a certified translation of a Belarusian birth certificate we typically charge 25USD, but we need to see the document to confirm the price. From there, we can translate the document and send a certified copy in the mail. Or, if you prefer to come to our office and pick it up, you can also do that. It’s that easy.

Other Services – Document Legalization with Belarus
Because both the United States and Belarus are signatories of The Hague Convention, only an apostille is required for legalizing documents. Unfortunately, documents that were issued in Belarus must be legalized in Belarus. You usually have to take your document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Docsbase Inc can assist with documents issued in the US that need legalization for use in Belarus. We can help get an Apostille no matter where the document was issued in the United States. Fill out an inquiry to learn more about how we can help you.

Belarusian Birth Certificate Translation in New York City


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