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Quality Control

Our proven quality control procedures are adapted to
meet the specific requirement of every client

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Simply inform your adviser or project manager of any problems that arise during the translation process and they will take immediate steps toward resolution, and inform all relevant team members. Any problems, and the actions taken to remedy them, will then be fully documented for the client's satisfaction.

We are a corporate member of the ITI. The ITI is the only professional association representing the interests of translators and interpreters.

All translation orders are implemented in compliance with the provisions and procedures of our Swiss-developed system of standards and quality checks. By design, the Swiss method calls for constant evaluation and improvement of service; it means that we always try to find better and more efficient procedures. Continual improvement is one of the essential goals of our quality control system.

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Client involvement and collaboration, leadership, multi-step quality control checks, continual improvement and strengthening relationships with customers are all central to the standards we set for all our work. This process is therefore specifically designed to deliver a service that meets and surpasses customer expectations on a consistent basis.

Our Promise

We strive to continuously improve both the quality, and range of services we provide. We are corporate members of the ITI (Institute of Translators & Interpreters), and we are also covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

When you work with us, you can always count on the following core principles;

A personal bespoke service

In All of our clients, no matter how big or small, are assigned their own specific adviser, ensuring personalized service. You can discuss your project requirements with your adviser at our New York office, or a customer service agent, 24/7.

Highest quality

When necessary, three different expert linguists check your translation to ensure the best possible quality.

Price guarantee

Our prices are unbeatable on the international market. We are proud to be the market leader in terms of prices. See for yourself!


Our team starts working on your request as soon as it is confirmed, and our team is available 24/7.

Flexible payment options

You can pay cash, by PayPal, by credit card or by invoice. We are also open to other means of payment, contact us!

Expert problem-solving

We can resolve any document-related problems, no matter how complicated. This includes sourcing translation of dead languages, dealing with complex terminology, arranging official recognition of foreign degrees or rare Apostille certification, elaborating website text, providing artistic design and handling visa applications. Between our local New York team and our international partners, we can overcome any obstacle!


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