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Were you born in Honduras or have you spent a significant portion of your life there? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you will most likely have a number of vital documents issued by local, state, or the national government. If you now reside in the United States or are seeking a US visa, you will need to have these documents translated into English. The good news is that DocsBase Inc in New York is an experienced international translation agency that can translate Honduran documents into English or vice-versa. Being located in New York City, we consider ourselves experts of Spanish document translation as it is by far our most requested language. We are particularly knowledgeably with documents from Honduras because of the large presence of Honduran immigrants living in New York and throughout the US.


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Why translate vital documents from Honduras with DocsBase

Why are vital documents so important? They are the records of all your most important life events. They are issued and held by the government. The United States government will need to have a record of all your old Honduran vital documents, including birth, marriage, divorce certificates and more. The agency that handles all immigration matters here in New York is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). They request, along with the original document, a professional translation. The translation must be affixed with a letter from the translator attesting to their language capabilities and to the accuracy of the translation itself. DocsBase will prepare your document according to the USCIS requirements so that it is guaranteed to be accepted. We can also accommodate any special requests you might have with regards to certification. Our standard translations come with our notarized certification page which is accepted throughout the United States and abroad.

Legalization of vital documents for use abroad with DocsBase

Are you intending to use a document that was issued in the United States in Honduras? If so, you will most likely need to get this document legalized. Because both Honduras and the US are parties to The Hague Convention, only an Apostille is required for legalization. Getting an Apostille can still be difficult and time-consuming. We can make it easy for you! We make bi-weekly trips to the New York DOS and even offer a same day service for those that are in urgent need of an Apostille. If you are not sure if you need an Apostille or not, ask us. We have many years of experience legalizing documents and can usually tell you instantly if you need one. Contact us today!

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