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DocsBase Inc. is the leading translation and legalization agency in New York City. We specialize in Greek to English and English to Greek translations. While we can translate anything and everything, we most commonly translate vital documents. Vital documents are the written records of important events in a person’s life. These events include birth, death, marriage, divorce, and more. If significant events like these have happened in a different country, the United States requires that you translate their record into English. We are well equipped to handle any type of Greek vital document. Our in-house translators are extremely familiar with the terminology used in the Greek original and know how to perfectly translate it to English.


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Greek can often be an expensive language to translate: if you search prices at translation agencies it will have one of the highest rates per word. Why is this? The Greek immigration to the United States has really tapered off over the last decades and, therefore, the demand for translations has decreased as well. This has led to translation agencies not keeping a Greek in-house translator on staff. Not to worry…we make sure to always have at least one native Greek in-house translator! This guarantees the highest-quality translations at the most affordable prices. We offer the best prices in New York City and the rest of the US.

Legalization of Greek Documents with DocsBase

If you plan on using US issued documents in the Greece, you will need to have those documents Apostilled. What is an Apostille? It is a stamp or seal that is affixed to document to verify its authenticity. Because both Greece and the United States are signatories to The Hague Convention, this is all that is need to legalize a document for official use. We make multiple trips a week to the New York Department of State to get apostilles and we even offer same day service to those who are in urgent need. If you are not sure whether you need an Apostille or not, ask us! We have many years of experience in the translation and legalization industry and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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